How To Pitch A Brand Collaboration And Monetize Your Instagram With LadyBossBlogger

Hi, friends! I’m back to share more about the LadyBossBlogger course that I’ve been taking called, “How to Make Money as an Instagram Influencer!” 

I shared a little bit in my previous post about LadyBossBlogger that I’ve loved how it’s given me something to sit down and focus on during quarantine, as life hasn’t completely gone back to normal yet.

I’ve found the information and tips in the course to be SO helpful in making certain things more attainable in the Influencing world (specifically, personal branding, pitching to brands, and monetizing your platform). 

Since these are the areas that I’ve found to be particularly helpful through this course written by Elaine Rau, I’m breaking them down a bit more in this blog post for ya!

1. Personal Branding… 

The course breaks down personal branding into the following categories:

  • Personal vs. professional branding - HOW to create a personal brand and effective branding based on your niche

  • Tips to create a stunning feed + bio - color, layout, style

  • Building a brand that attracts an audience + business - audience engagement, content relevance, professionalism, and post frequency

  • Defining your target audience - types of followers and how to best reach the audience you have

2. Pitching to Brands… 

For me, pitching myself to brands has always been one of the things I’m hesitant to do. The course provides so many awesome tips on how to create a media kit and what to include in it, and it also really helped me figure out just how to articulate a great collaboration pitch to brands I want to work with. 

There’s also a section that provides websites that connect brands to influencers, which I really loved! Each of these really provided me with the best ways to go about initiating partnerships with brands I want to work with.

3. Monetizing your Platform… 

If you’re like me, you might be unsure of how to reasonably price yourself as an influencer. The course provided me with guidance on deciding how much to charge per post/platform, which I found to be super helpful in learning how to monetize my blog/Instagram. 

Making Passive Income...

There’s also a section in the course that breaks down affiliate marketing and provides tools to help keep track of your income and sales… Thank goodness for that, because ya girl has never been the best with money! 


Legal Guidelines Broken Down… 

Along with these things that I’ve found to be particularly helpful in the LadyBossBlogger course, it also provides a straightforward breakdown of FTC guidelines, business entities, and how to do taxes as an influencer! All of this is such useful info for those of us in the blogging world. 

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