How LadyBossBlogger has Become an Important Part of my Daily Routine

There are a LOT of things I’m striving to be better about now that we have so much extra time staying home more often than not,

and one of these things is growing my knowledge about best Instagram practices and

making money as an influencer.

This is something that I’ve wanted to put more time and effort into, and now that I have some extra time

on my hands, I signed up for the LadyBossBlogger course called “How to Make Money as an Instagram Influencer

and wanted to share some great things about this course with you!

LadyBossBlogger Course Breakdown

Here’s a little bit of what this course entails:

  • Brand + Structure

  • Content Creation

  • Brand Relationships

  • Making Money

  • Legal Matters

There’s also a bonus section that includes things like: 

I just finished week 1 of the course written by Elaine Rau and I already have so many great takeaways (many things I had never even thought of in the time I’ve spent blogging so far)! It’s become part of my

weekly morning routine to make myself a coffee, put on some under eye patches, and sit down and go through each section at my own pace -

which is SO easy, since it’s all online!

LadyBossBlogger Giveaway

Because I love this course so much, I want to give you an opportunity to win a LadyBossBlogger course of your choice!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is:

  1. Follow @hayearls on Instagram

  2. Follow @ladybossblogger on Instagram

  3. Follow @elainerau on Instagram

Get 40% Off The LadyBossBlogger Course

If you’d like to start your course now, be sure to use code HALEIGHEARLS for 40% off any course. For more information go to and click on “Courses”! You also have the option to pay in segments, which is so helpful. 

If you’ve been wanting to monetize your blog, start making money through Instagram, or learn best practices for building your own brand - you so want to take advantage of this!

I can’t wait to check back in with you in two weeks to let you know all of my takeaways from this course. In the meantime, check out LadyBossBlogger on Instagram and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Additional LadyBossBlogger Resources

Talk soon!

Xx, Haleigh