The Story of Bleu

As you may have seen on Instagram, I was recently given the sweetest puppy (she's currently nestled in my legs, as I'm writing this).  I have never in my life been given such a thoughtful, incredible gift, so I wanted to share, in full, the story of how she was given to me!

As their final project, my sophomores have been working on a Kindness Campaign, in which they are assigned groups and collaborate on creating an act of kindness for their school, teachers, peers, and/or community.  This is a school-wide campaign that the sophomore classes take part in, and I absolutely love that they are given an opportunity to think of others and complete an act of kindness on a larger scale that they might not take part in on a daily basis.  Although the students submit a formal proposal of their campaign prior to completing the act, one specific group was particularly secretive about what exactly they were planning to do - they would only tell me that they were doing something for me.

This past Friday during 7th period, two of the students in the group came into my classroom and told me to close my eyes and come outside.  When I opened my eyes, they handed me the most tiny, adorable Husky puppy and told me that this was their kindness project.  I am absolutely blown away by a group of five students putting this together, taking care of this pup for a few days before she was given to me, and for even thinking of doing this for me.  They had everything taken care of for Bleu and me, had our administration involved, and truly gave me the sweetest, most thoughtful surprise!  This sweet, 8-week-old baby is so lucky to have so many godparents that worked hard to make their teacher's entire year.

Two students suggested the name Bleu, and I thought it was perfect for her, because she has one blue eye and blue is one of our main school colors.  She is already so loved by me, her big brothers, Jake and Duke, and everyone who got to meet her on campus - which is still so crazy to me!