Walt Disney World Trip

Happy Monday, loves!  It's been a little while since I've written a blog post, because I've been planning and anticipating my trip to Disney World for the last month or so - if I'm being honest, though, I've been doing both since January.  I just got back from my trip this past Friday, and I'm so excited to share all of the details with you!

Day 1: Animal Kingdom and Epcot

My best friend Sophie and I flew in on a redeye flight to meet my other best friend Stephanie in Orlando, and our first full day in the parks started right when we arrived at the hotel.  We booked it to  our first park, Animal Kingdom, to start our day and immediately rode Expedition Everest, one of the most fun rollercoasters I've ever been on!  It's a mix between Matterhorn and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that goes backwards at one point...  Aside from the fact that I'd gotten major motion sickness from the turbulence on our flight beforehand, it was so much fun!  We also rode the on the Kilimanjaro Safaris, and were able to see wildlife in their natural habitat, which was so cool.  It felt just as if we were riding a safari jeep through Africa.

The Land of Pandora is the newest addition to Animal Kingdom, and even though I've only seen Avatar maybe twice, the architecture and details of the planet are incredible, and it was amazing to see.  The two rides in that section of the park had insanely long wait times, so we didn't have a chance to ride them, but I've heard that they're incredible.

We spent the latter half of the day (after a nap, of course) at Epcot, which was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip.  Growing up, I had visited Epcot several times, but I've never enjoyed it and never really understood the appeal until this past visit, which is when we took part in eating and drinking around the world!  Within Epcot is a World Pavilion that features 11 different countries, each with different types of food and drinks that it's known for.  Here are the countries their respective food and drinks!
We didn't get anything here...

United Kingdom
Various flavored ciders: we got the Cider Flight with Cherry, Pineapple, and Apple Orange ciders.

Grey Goose Orange Slush and Grey Goose Citron Lemonade Slush: the orange slush tasted like an orange creamsicle, and the lemonade slush tasted just like Sweettarts candy.

Sultan's Colada: it's made with rum, pineapple, coconut juice, and almond liqueur, and it was so yummy!  We also got chocolate baklava and OMG, was it delicious.

We didn't get a drink here, but we did get Frushi (fruit sushi)!  It was a perfect sweet treat.

United States
Yeah, we passed on the turkey leg and beer...

My favorite; peach bellini!  The atmosphere in Italy was to die for, and now I need to plan a trip to actual Italy.

Also skipped this country...

We were looking forward to the infamous Baijoe Punch with Chinese Bai Jiu spirit, lychee, coconut, and pineapple, but they were sold out of it by the time we made our way there.  We ended up just getting dumplings, but those were probably the yummiest thing we ate in any of the countries!

Didn't get anything here either.

Frozen margaritas, what else?!  We didn't finish them though, as our stomachs were extremely full by that point.

Drinking around the world was one of the highlights of my trip, and I can't wait to go back and do that again another time!  Oh, we also met Baymax in Epcot.  That was THE BEST.  Just look at him!

Day 2: Magic Kingdom

We got to the park before it opened and went straight to Haunted Mansion, after making a brief pitstop to take castle pictures, of course.  Next, we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Pirates of the Caribbean, and it's so crazy to see the differences in these rides versus the ones at Disneyland, as I'm so used to those.  The rides are generally larger than those in Disneyland, but virtually the same feature-wise!  We explored Fantasyland and rode the Little Mermaid ride, fawned over Gaston outside of his tavern, and watched the Festival of Fantasy parade - this was a highlight since each of us are such big fans of parades.  My favorite parts of the parade were Merida's bagpipe float and the dragon from Sleeping Beauty, which is just structurally insane.  After our nap that day, we rode Space Mountain and ate at the Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant, where we got the yummiest Caprese Flatbread.  That night, we watched Happily Ever After, the fireworks show; there were projections of Disney movie clips and characters on Cinderella Castle that were synchronized with the music and fireworks, and it was BEAUTIFUL.  Hopefully, you caught that on my Instagram story!  We ended our night by riding Jungle Cruise, and we had the most hilarious skipper I have ever had.  That was a little scarier than usual, though, because, being in Florida, we were worried that the alligators on the ride were real... LOL.

Magic Kingdom was day 2 for us, so we were super exhausted by then, plus, it's an exhausting park to begin with because it's filled with so many things, but we took it easy and made the most of our day there.  We were really hoping to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which is the newest rollercoaster, similar to Big Thunder, but the wait times were longer than we cared to wait (190 minutes...  Yikes).

Day 3: Hollywood Studios

By this point, our bodies could barely move, and we were running on the last of our fumes, but we powered through the last few hours of our trip.  We had to leave the park by 1:30 PM to make it to the airport for our flight, so we sprinted to Tower of Terror, because us Disneyland natives can't handle that ours was taken away from us.  Getting to ride Tower again was AMAZING, and WDW's version is much larger and scarier.  Another highlight of the trip was Rock'n' Rollercoaster...  If you have never ridden this before, it's something you NEED to do.  I've always loved this ride; my best friends also said that it was a highlight for them, and they had never ridden it before.  It's SO fast, so much fun, and so unique.

The lunch we had on our last day was probably the best meal of the entire trip (although, my Mickey waffle was a close second).  We ate at 50's Prime Time Cafe, which was the most adorable restaurant that looked like the inside of someone's kitchen in the 50s.  There were TVs playing the Dick Van Dyke show near every table, the cooking tasted homemade, and the servers referred to the cook as "Momma" and treated us like kids at the dinner table.  This atmosphere made the meal for us; it was one of my favorite parts of the trip!  As I'm writing this blog post, I've realized that I suck and didn't take pictures of the cafe, which is extremely sad, but I'm hoping you saw the Instagram stories of the restaurant that I posted!

We stayed at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort, and it literally felt like being at summer camp.  Its theme is the antebellum south along the Mississippi River, and it's massive.  We stayed in the part of the resort called Alligator Bayou, which has rustic, cajun-style buildings and several trees, plants, and bodies of water.  It was so relaxed and conveyed southern charm in pretty much every aspect.

Even though we only had a few days to pack everything in to our trip that we wanted to do, it was honestly one of the best trips I've ever gone on, and everything just kind of worked out seamlessly, in the words of my best friend, Sophie.  Major shoutout to my best friends Soph and Steph for making this trip as incredible as it was, and for just being the best humans!