Yay for V-Day

My Look: Top | Pants

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day...

I know some people would rather ignore this particular day of the year, and I’ll have to admit, I have been one of those people.  Over the past few years, I have absolutely loathed this day - the cheesy sentiments, heart-shaped everything, and overall appeal just left me feeling annoyed that there’s one day, in particular, out of the year in which couples express their love for each other to a greater extent.  I’ve always thought that, if you love someone, you should express that to them every day, not just on one day that’s specifically focused on love.

However, I think I’ve been through some personal growth this year, because I’m actually so excited about Valentine’s Day and the fact that it means love is just the general feeling of the day, which I now think is so important!  This year, I was so into planning my outfit for this post, buying myself flowers, and eating all the heart-shaped candy (Brach’s and Reese’s, anyone?)  If you were to ask my sister, she would tell you that she was thoroughly confused when I was telling her about my plans for this post, saying “But, you hate Valentine’s Day...”  I think this has to do with my overall outlook on both life and this holiday; I’ve come to realize that, yes, there may be one day out of the year that’s designed to celebrate love and target couples, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t express our love for one another in various forms every other day of the year.  And, this love can be shared with anyone in your life: we can have Galentine’s Day parties to celebrate your best girls, your parents can buy you flowers and candy to express to you their love, your students can bring you sweet little gifts, and, of course, you can do something to celebrate that special person in your life.  Today can be about self-love, too!  I did a face mask, took myself on a coffee date, and bought myself these flowers, because self care is so important, sometimes - so why not spend today showing yourself some love?  Each of these things allows us to spread love and show others what they mean to us, even if we make it a point to do so any other day of the year.

So, here’s to an improved outlook and a day to wear red and heart prints, smell the roses (literally), and find love in every aspect of our lives!