Where I Shop

Okay, guys, I have a confession... I LOVE to shop.  Like, probably too much.  But I've honestly just accepted that as part of my life that I really can't change (and, also, don't really want to).  I do link my outfit details in all of my blog posts, but I wanted to share all of my favorite sites to shop from in this post and tell you why I love each of those sites.

A question I get asked pretty much every day is, "Where did you get that?"  I love being asked this and telling those who want to know where I got my outfit.  I usually order all of my clothes online, and I have a few go-to sites that I order from often.  Here they are:


I recently discovered Shein, and let me tell you, I think I'll be ordering from this site weekly forever!  I initially thought the site was sketchy because of how low the prices are, but I've made three purchases now, and everything that I've received is great quality, fits perfectly, and looks exactly how it did online.  I love this site because I can purchase so many things without spending a lot because of the amazing prices.  The only thing about this site is that some items are sized a little differently, so you just have to check the measurements of whatever you're going to order to be sure that it's the right size!  I've ordered my regular size in everything I've purchased, though, and it's all fit me well.

Look from Shein:

Hazel and Olive

Hazel and Olive is definitely my favorite boutique!  It's located in Texas, but has extremely fast and FREE shipping on everything!  The prices are great, it's typically between $30 and $40 for an item (although there are some items that are a little bit more expensive), and the selection is so cute.  I have sweaters, dresses, rompers and jumpsuits, pants, shoes, and tops from Hazel and Olive - all of which I seriously love.  When I get asked where something is from that I'm wearing, my answer is usually always Hazel and Olive, because I just can't say, "no" to their prices and free shipping!  This site also has a rewards program that gives you points when you visit the site and make a purchase, so depending on how many points you have, you can receive $5, $10, or $15 off your purchase, AND they typically have 20% off sales throughout the week.

Look from Hazel and Olive: 

Forever 21

I love Forever 21 for when I need a cute outfit for a small event or when I know I'm going out for the night or to one of my favorite lunch spots (Luigi's, Bakersfield peeps?)  I'm sure we all know that the prices are great and so are the items!  Lately, I've been loving all of the prints, bright colors, fun sleeves, and rouched details.  I can get a little overwhelmed by the store, so I usually order from the website, and the shipping is so fast... I mean, does anyone else have a hard time waiting for their online orders to arrive?!

Look from Forever:

Stella Laguna Beach

Getting a Stella in Bakersfield was something I didn't know I needed, but now that we have one, it's for sure my go-to!  The prices are so reasonable (usually on the cheaper side) which is also a blessing.  This store goes for beauty vibes, which are super fun, relaxed, and stylish.  I love that I can buy multiple pieces from Stella and mix and match them in a variety of ways.  I can't say, "no" to the rompers, jumpsuits, and prices!

Look from Stella: 


I can always count on Lulu's to have something absolutely adorable for any occasion.  I've ordered outfits for dressy events, birthday festivities, vacations, teaching, and everyday purposes from Lulu's. The styles and quality are always amazing, and this site literally has something for every single occasion.  There is also a huge selection of shoes for any occasion, too.  The prices vary depending on the style and brand, but Lulu's is pretty affordable!  Shipping is reasonably priced too!

Look from Lulu's:

Hopefully my (unhealthy) addiction to online shopping helps you find cute outfits for any and every occasion!