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Hi, friends!  Long time, no post... The last time I posted on here was around Christmas, and I'm so happy to be back creating another blog post!  Life (and teaching) can get so busy, but I'm here to share a few of my favorite new things with you, in three, two, one...

I recently discovered the jewelry brand Leo Mazzotti, and I'm excited to be able to share a few of their products with you!  Leo Mazzotti is a company that creates simple, chic, and elegant jewelry and watches, and their pieces can seriously complete any outfit!  If you know me or have seen my Instagram, you know that I hardly ever wear jewelry, because I feel like finding the perfect staple pieces can sometimes be difficult; but, Leo Mazzotti creates such tasteful pieces that I know I'll love and wear so often with pretty much every look.  As always, their pieces can be dressed up or down, but I particularly love that they're perfect for everyday looks!

A few of my favorites are the Dolce Vita Class…

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